Kanna Fitness Staff

Our coaches are educators of movement and performance. You pay good money for instruction, feedback, and encouragement and you will get exactly those things in our classes. Our team holds some of the highest qualifications possible in the fitness industry and we approach our job with professional enthusiasm. Never ones to settle, we are constantly educating ourselves on the most effective methods to get you in the best shape of your life!

Some Recent Posts by Our Coaches

July Member of the Month: Nick J.

Name Nick Jordal Occupation Manager at Vanguard When did you start CF? August 2018 What are your favorite numbers and why? 2 – soccer number; 1, 22 – My son’s birthday What CF movements do you like? Double Unders, Kipping pull ups, Toes to Bar, Handstand push ups, Hang cleans, Burpees over bar What CF…

June Member of the Month: Casey H.

NameCasey Heilmann OccupationTeacher/Admin at an Alternative School When did you start CF?June 2019 What are your favorite numbers and why?9, all sorts of math tricks with it. I was never a true number 9 in soccer though. The main striker. I was generally the 10, center mid, and playmaker. What CF movements do you like?pull-ups…

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