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Lam grew up in New Jersey playing soccer, tennis, volleyball, and running track.  He continues to be fairly active throughout his adult life with soccer and tennis leagues.  Lam was never a regular in the weight room because it always bored him to lift by himself.

In November of 2011, Lam’s wife, Becca, asked him to try CrossFit with her.  She had been raving for months about CrossFit and even tried to get him to watch the CrossFit Games with her in which he responded with an eye roll.  He reluctantly attended the intro sessions and was finally educated enough to attend his first class.  Something clicked after that first workout.  It hurt so bad and he couldn’t do ANY of the moves, but nevertheless he was completely hooked.  He wanted to be good at CrossFit and he was absolutely terrible at it.

Fast forward a few years and now he’s a completely different person both mentally and physically.  He’s been able to take the knowledge he’s learned from coaches and other members to improve his physical composition and performance.  He understands how valuable the CrossFit community can be to encourage people to be their best and he is eager to take part in creating one at Kanna.

Since starting CrossFit, Lam became the father of two beautiful children and is dedicated to keeping himself in shape so that he can keep up with them.  One of his goals is to spread awareness within the parenting community that it is possible to make time to stay in shape when life gets busy.  He and Becca continue to work and encourage parents to stay fit (whether it be CrossFit or other exercise) so that they can enjoy a long and active life with their children.

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